Cinta beauty world is a company that deals with Organic beauty products.We manufacture skin and hair care products using organic ingredients. The ingredients are sourced from all over Africa Mainly from Farmers and smallscale dealers. Our main focus is to manufacture products that are safe, rich and healing for the skin.

Quick Story From Our Founder

Back in 2005, I developed a skin problem that I would later learn is called Eczema. Between that time and 2013, I visited several doctors, including top dermatologists, for help but nothing really helped. The problem would disappear and reappear after a while, which was quite devastating. In late 2013, I met a friend who recommended blackseed oil as a solution to my skin issues. Since I was desperate for help, I tried the oil and to my surprise, the eczema went away IN A DAY! This incident left me quite shocked especially since the blackseed oil wasn’t the typical pharmacy product that I was used to. This awakened the desire to research more about the oil and other skincare solutions and the stuff that I uncovered was quite eye opening. During this period I learnt more about other oils and plant butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, all which are fantastic skincare remedies. I later discovered that most products in the market had chemicals that were harmful to my skin and so I decided to make my own skincare products from 100% ORGANIC oils and butter. After sometime my friends began to comment that my skin had a new glow and so they pressured me to produce the products for them. Days/weeks later, I started receiving positive feedback from them and so I felt inspired to share my solutions with the rest of the world. This ladies and gentlemen is how Cinta Beauty World came to be.

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